Nursery Transition

My little boy is so chilled and easy going but seems to be really struggling with going to nursery one day a week. He gets upset and is very clingy to certain adults there. Does anyone have any advice tips etc or do I just need to ride it out. I feel like the worlds worst mum 😩😭
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@Jacqueline sorry to hear you’re going through the same! X

@Sara my LO goes three half days a week and is also not settled. I think it will take abit more time but he will catch on the routine and once he knows your always coming to pick him up he will start to love it.

@Winnie thank you. If I could afford it I would put him in more for sure but our mortgage has just doubled and I’m now 4 days a week at work 😩. This motherhood stuff is hard x

The nursery viewings we had all said the same-minimum2 days to allow the child to settle in better. We also wanted to do 1day a week. I think any changes will take some time getting used to but he’ll get there xx

@Anon I’d love to do this but our work schedules and finances cannot work around that at the moment 😩

I think the issue could be how much he’s going to nursery. 1 day a week might feel like his first day every week. Can you ask the nursery? Ours said the babies who go more, settle in much better (weeks not months). Even 3 or 4 mornings a week could really help possibly then reduce the frequency once he’s settled in and a bit bigger

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