Work and baby life balance

Just a rant I’m so tired of work and the constant pressure that comes with it. But also now a toddler who is going through terrible twos. I honestly don’t know how we all do it! At the moment the pressure is really getting to me, I use to enjoy my work and get some time to myself but not anymore. Envy my partner so much as when he works he doesn’t have to constantly worry about anything else 😤🙄
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Yep, my husband doesn't understand. I work shifts so have time of in the week but still feel like i dont have time, mothers mental workload is real, looking after family, appointments, house, bills, payments, constant lists running through my head. And no time to myself

We are amazing but it's sooo hard and goes unappreciated. My daughter has just started school so now on my working days, I have to do nursery and link club drop off on the way, make sure they both have bags/coats and everything they need as well as my own stuff, I'm doing a mental check list for three people and my husband just trots off stress free lol. He does work a lot of overtime to balance me working part time so I try not to begrudge him but it's definitely easier swanning off to work 😅 It's so hard trying to be a good mum, partner and employee, something has to give at some point. Take it easier on yourself x

I feel the same and have to take annual leave to do housework etc. Recently on a weekend I have been asking my partner to take Jack out of the house to soft play etc on a weekend morning so I can get some stuff done and I also delegate to him things he can do if I take Jack out! Then we spend the afternoon together. But even with this the women will still carry "the mental load" of a family, all the activities, appointments, food shopping, clothes shopping etc.

Iv been thinking about this recently. I don’t have time to do all the house chores as well as a full time job and looking after a toddler. Men just don’t get it do they! In reality I need to work 4 days a week but earn the same money and then I could have one day a week to get the washing done, cleaning food shop etc . . 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

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