Introducing whole milk

When and how did you guys start introducing whole milk? My daughter will be one in two weeks (I can’t believe I’m saying that even just typing that she’s gonna be one makes me wanna cry 🥹).
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My son was on formula and we transitioned him to whole milk through formula and I did a ratio to where was like 7 scoops of formula and I 0z of milk and then I keep going to where I use more milk less formula

I think I just switched it out one day. I would sometimes offer it warmed up and/or cold until eventually it was always cold. Luckily my boys were showing interest in fluids and took it like nothing.

My pediatrician said to switch to whole milk and not do the mixing. Worked well for me and he said to expect constipation but it's better now

I did by week just to give him time to adjust to the milk. According to our pediatrician it's also based on how they do with it and if it's giving them upset tummies. She said to let them adjust slowly over a few weeks. We started out giving 2 ounces of milk with an 8oz total.

@Britani thank you so much for this I was wondering how that went and did you switch the amount week by week or by day?

My son is almost 2 and when we switched our pediatrician said to add it to our formula slowly. If he drank 8 Oz of formula we did 4 Oz of formula and 4 Oz of whole milk and just increased the amount of whole milk over time.

@Lauren oh this makes sense! I didn’t want to do it all at once and hurt her stomach and thank you so much!

And congrats on having an almost 1 year old

I introduced whole milk around a year and I used it to cut out breastfeeding during the day. So I weaned him from me but he still got milk. It was a bit of a transition but my sister in law used it instead of formula same way

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