For mums who’ve returned to work recently…

Has anyone else had a shit return to work? No real acknowledgement, my manager hasn’t even messaged me (wfh for now), no hello from my team and no one has bothered to bring me up to speed. I think it’s awful!
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I think depending on your job/role you also have a responsibility to make yourself known to people and find out what’s changed since you’ve been off. I’ve been back for 3 months already and did the above and had no issues. Although your manager has a responsibility to touch base with you and check if your needs have changed

Same for me. I had to message the lead team myself, and it is not the same person anymore and all my team has changed. They are in a different country so doing stand ups at 6.30 in the morning, so I'm alone. People that i was teaching when i left, are on top of me now. Horrible. And I miss my LO so much... it is really difficult

I start back in 2 weeks time! What sort of job do you have out of curiosity

I was back at work for a month and a bit and then due to mental health back off for 3 but even when I due to go back I had no messages from management except for a month before going back originally to ask when was I coming back and was told I would be brought up to speed and never did. I felt like a new person going to work for the first time. No one spoke to me for the first 2 weeks. It wasn't until I went upstairs ( different floor levels and couldn't go up unless you were taking stock) that one person, who i got along great with, screamed and asked when did I come back. I felt left out I hated it, I really considered leaving

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