Hi all has anyone's baby Been engaged since 34 weeks but now just two days before I'm 38 weeks pregnant she's gone breech. I've been in so much pain for a while now and my midwife advised me to go to hospital so I did and now we've found out she's breech. I've been told I will get a call tomorrow to see if they can turn her for me and induce me. I'm quite nervous as I've never had this before x
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Thank you. I'm going to try and have a walk along the coastal path today and see if it helps. I'm just so nervous it won't work as my placenta is anteria but I'm not giving up hope it could help x

I would say keep active and exercise it can help baby to engage

It felt very uncomfortable, you just need to breathe your way through it. It took roughly half an hour.

That's what they want to do with me but there looking at doing the turn and putting me into labour straight away to try and prevent little one turning back again but I'm quite nervous about the turn. Did it hurt x

Try the bouncy ball

You never know baby has time and may turn

Hey, I had the same experience. The tried a manoeuvre on me I can’t remember what it’s called but they try and move the baby from outside your tummy using a gel. I really hope it works for you. My girl was really stubborn and flipped back round again lol…

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