Sudden pain when feeding

Hi there, I’m 8 weeks pp and have been breast feeding the whole time. Suddenly I’m now getting quite painful nipples when feeding, I’ve recently started back on the mini pill - could this be causing it? Or could it be something else? They were quite large/ full the other morning but not any more? Any guidance is greatly appreciated xx
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@Elisha did they tell you to put it on your nipples?

Thanks both! His mouth doesn’t seem to be white at all so not sure it’s thrush! It’s starting to wear off now and not as painful as it was! I will put some lanolin on too! If it doesn’t get better I’ll go to the group. Xx

Hey! I’ve had exactly the same thing and spoke to my GP. They told me to get an over the counter thrush cream which is called clotrimazole and use for 2/3 weeks. I’m starting it today! The lanolin cream is also very good. X

Hey Hannah! Have you tried nipple shields? Also I recommend lanolin which is a cream which can be like a barrier and is great! Another trick, rub your breast milk onto your nipples whenever you can but make sure you let it dry or it can cause thrush which is also super painful. If it’s only just kicked in, it may be worth checking if baby has a white mouth as it could mean you and baby have thrush on your nipples and in their mouth which may be causing the pain. My LO is 16 weeks and I still get full breasts on some mornings and sometimes I don’t, I wouldn’t worry about it! I hope this helps! If need be, I fully recommend visiting a latch on group in your area, they can be really helpful. If you need any more advice, I’m more than happy to message! Good luck girlie x

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