Please tell me I'm not the only one suffering from piles?

Well, I've been in agony and looked down tonight and had a huge external pile!! I bought some anusol and pushed it in. It's so painful still 😫
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@Jen ty for explaining.

Hemorrhoids ash x

@Natalie There is nothing about my comment that indicates I'm a show off🙄 I simply said I didn't know know what that is. There's absolutely no reason to reply to my comment with attitude.

Ashleigh with a lower case a being a show-off^ Google is your friend hun 💅🏻

I don't know what that is

Omg I don't know I keep trying to pop it back in but it keeps coming out. It's so disgusting I can't cope 😭

Mine won't even go back in! That's after I've been prescribed 2 different treatments for it. What will it be like after labour 😭

Not alone! I haven’t pushed mine in, not sure what to do 🫣😳

You are certainly not alone!! 🫣

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