Potty training

Hi all, my 2 year has just started potty training and has done all wees & poos for three days on the potty and nothing in his nappy except at nighttime. However, he hates pants. Absolutely hates them. He picked his own in the shop but literally sobs as soon as he gets a pair on and only wants to wear a nappy but wants me to take this off everytime he needs the toilet. I have pull ups to try and change the process to pulling them up and down but just wondered if anyone had any suggestions.
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We went to pull-ups before he was potting on the toilet but still getting on it and then we did the nothing for 2 days and went straight into under. My son doesn’t really have a problem but sometimes he’ll take everything off now and run around naked. He loved picking out his own underwear

I dont hsve any lol but how did u get him on the potty ?? What we’re ur techniques

I just tried to ask him if he wanted to get on the potty and he would do it when he would want to and then all the sudden he’s just decided he wanted to start using it and just kept using it but I also use the stickers as motivation and then we went and picked out underwear together and that really helped letting him pick out his own underwear. Every once in a while, he’ll ask for a sticker or a sucker if I ran out of stickers

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