today my lower belly feels quite squidgey an flabby but right above my belly button is rock solid!? Why is this ? Or anyone els noticed the same

Due 18th of October
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Happens to me sometimes to I'm 37 weeks 5 days and baby is definitely head down

Alll good had my midwife appointment and baby still the right way head down so yes just the baby position 😊

It's just baby's position ☺️

This happens to me sometimes I’m 38 weeks I always wonder why😭

I was engaged in the right position at 34weeks as well 🙄 xx

Mines the same... baby has dropped... not sure why else it happens 😕 x

Maybe baby has done a big flip then as my last appointment 2 weeks ago baby was head down 🤷‍♀️got midewife appointment Friday see what she says then xx

I’m due 9th October and im the same. At my last appointment me and the baby are back to back. X

Is baby breech? Xx

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