velcro baby

how to find time to clean and cook when you have a velcro baby who also only contact naps 😅 don’t get me wrong i love that my baby is attached to me but i can’t get anything done lol and i do baby wear but it’s getting harder to do things now that she’s heavier and trying to grab everything 😂 anyone else have a velcro baby?
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Sameeee girl same. I found as long as he can see me and has something to chew on he will sit alone max maybe 20 mins

Me! I recently started using a play pen with his favorite baby Einstein piano toy - ands it’s a game changer!

Yes! We're following wonder weeks, and developmentally, it's totally normal for babies to start being extra clingy around this age! Our baby is okay for a little while in his bouncy chair if I'm close by and he can see me. But he still needs a lot of interaction to just fold laundry for 20 minutes 😅

I put my baby girl in her swing, give her toys to her and then vacuum or clean up. She's super attached too and this method along with a bouncer or whatever you have works wonders for me lol 😊👍🏻

Does your baby do well in a floor seat or baby bouncer ? I usually lay baby on his play mat, or put him in his seat so I can get things done . Then he’ll play with whatever toys are in his face

Mmm my husband helps me. He cooks dinner. I normally make lunches ahead of time. And when he is home from work I clean up the house while he occupies her. It would definitely be difficult without him.

Yes! It is so difficult. I've just accepted the fact that my house won't get cleaned much until he's out of this phase

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