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Ik there is no right or wrong way when it comes to feeding your child. But I feel like my baby may be behind on eating solids. What is everyone’s routine on feeding your baby, like when and how many bottles a day and same with solids? She eats purées just fine. Thank you!
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My sons eats 3 meals and snacks between with around 24 oz sometimes more of bottles through the day spread apart, personally I started purées at 4 months and progressively just increased the size of pieces and of meals, maybe it’s just me but I wasn’t scared to do this, he enjoys food, feeding himself and now is a great eater sure it’s just for fun but imagine being an old baby and still just eating mush 😂

I don’t know if it’s alright or not but this is what I do If he wakes up at 7. I give him a bottle of 4oz Breakfast at 8. Consist of 5-10 spoons of oatmeal, yogurt, some bread or cheese Bottle at 9 of 4oz Nap(1 hour) Bottle of 6oz at 12 Nap(2 hour) Lunch that consists of purée of fresh fruit/veggie. I make it myself with a small blender. Sometimes add rice or noddles depending on what I cooked or what’s left over. Bottle of 6oz at 4 Bottle of 4oz at 6 Nap(1 hour) Bottle of 4 oz at 8 Bottle of 4 oz at 10 Sleeps for the night 😆

We do: 8 oz morning bottle around 6am, 4 oz around 9 Solids at 1130 8 oz around 1230 4 oz around 330 Solids at 530 Final 8 oz bottle at 630-700 We do random snacks on the go. She’s in day care so it’s pretty scheduled and sometimes she finishes bottles, sometimes not. Solids can be very simple. We just try to get veggies, fruit, protein, fat, carbs mixed in those two meals and we’re flexible when the timing gets off.

He has about 5-6 bottles, maybe, throughout the day of 4oz. And his first and last bottle is 6oz. Every bottle has oatmeal in it. He has solids 3x a day plus his snacks and fruits throughout the day. Textures do take time to get used to. So don’t stress on your baby not liking certain things. Example, my baby picks and chooses when he wants to eat steamed broccoli, but he’ll eat fried broccoli without thinking about it lol. So weird. But as stated above, gagging is definitely normal. I give him a certain amount of food and when he finishes, I’ll give him more if he wants.

I know how it feels! I’m still only offering one meal of solids a day. You should try offering your baby a bottle a hour before feeding them solid so they don’t get so cranky during meal time. At first it’s totally normal for your baby to throw most if not all of their food on the floor and barely get any in their mouth. Gagging at textures of foods is totally normal because your baby is getting used to it. I start it off only offering fruits or vegetables like only broccoli on her plate and that’s it. Then after she started getting the hang of eating, I started adding a bit more food. I still give her the same amount of bottles every day just because solids shouldn’t be the only source of nutrients for a baby until after they turn 1 .

My daughter seems to hate textures and it’s hard to feed her things like eggs, rice, etc;

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