Anyone else’s skin gone bad since being pregnant?! I’d genuinely rather sickness than this 😂 I had this with my first but not until further on! I’m only 6 weeks and theyre painful too! My skin is just super greasy. Nothing is helping 🙃
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Thankful it’s not only me lol! But sorry you’re all experiencing similar😂. Ahhhh @Hayley I’ve had a feeling since finding out I’m having a boy! I feel so diff with this pregnancy than my last. My first is a girl and I was glowing up until the second trimester 😂

I was really spotty early pregnancy with my last one, turned out to be a boy!🙈 this time I have nothing so maybe a girl🤣

Yes! I have been so spotty recently, was partly the reason I took the test, my face constantly feels greasy 😭 I don’t remember this at all with my first pregnancy!

Snap! I’m sure you’re meant to have glowing skin and glossy hair but nope! Currently lacking boobs, feeling bloated and need to wee all the time. Where’s that pregnancy glow?!? 😅

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