Daily Pregnancy Stretches

Does anyone follow or have a nightly stretching routine? I keep getting ads served to me by Pliability and their pregnancy specific program. I used to use the app but just can’t commit to the monthly payment https://pliability.com/targets/pregnancy#:~:text=pliability%20for%20pregnancy%20enhances%20flexibility,videos%20tailored%20to%20each%20trimester.
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Cat cow, Childs pose, anything on the spinning babies website. There’s one I do before bed it’s an inversion helps tremendously with hip pain!

I YouTubed ‘prenatal yoga nighttime’. Helped me relax before going to bed

I always do pregnancy stretches morning and night! especially since i deal with pelvic girdle pain. it tends to flare up if i miss my morning stretches and it gets so bad i won’t be able to walk so it’s a must for me! there’s so much happening in your body to your joints and muscles it’s so important to consistently stretch!

I used the Palmers kit and almond oil..I didn’t get any stretch marks

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