Induction dilemma

Anyone else struggling with the induction dilemma? The opinions and guidance is SO conflicting and noisy. Im 40+4 so still have some time, but living in NI the guidance is now 41 weeks and I've been provisionally booked in for 41 weeks. I am fully aware it's my decision and the midwife supported me pushing it out a few days, but I'm just finding the pressure of making the choice quite overwhelming! As if we don't have enough to deal with at the end of pregnancy 😂🙈 I'm trying not to overthink it, but easier said than done! X
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Please read listen to Sara Wickham to feel confident to know that facts! unnecessary inductions is epidemic!

Induction was awful for me. Pessary worked but no delivery suite bed so was contracting in my back for 4 days and minimal pain relief. Once waters had been broken I had an epidural, at 6cm dilated baby’s heart rate dropped and ended up rushed into theatre for an emergency c section. Was all a bit brutal and traumatic - Would go straight for c section if it was me x

I’m 41+3 and have opted for no induction. My midwife said after 42 weeks I will need daily monitoring at the hospital and by 43 weeks the baby will most likely be too large to deliver naturally so I get the dilemma. I’ve put a date on next Tuesday, if she hasn’t arrived by then (42+2) I’ll try induction 🙈 knowing me, I’ll push it back more 🙈 I just want her to come naturally!

I'm 40+6 and I know tomorrow at my 41 week appointment my midwife is going to suggest induction! However, I've known for a long time with this pregnancy that it's not something I want to do. If you'd like to get more information, I'd recommend reading Evidence Based Birth's article on induction for dates: As well as the NICE guidelines on induction: As you know, ultimately it's your decision. Birth Rights UK has some good information if you want to find out more about your rights: I'd also recommend using the BRAIN acronym to help you weigh up your options - there's an explanation of it here:

@Amelia I’m having the same issue with baby measuring super big. I’m 40+2 and no sign of natural labour! How far were you if you don’t mind me asking? I’ve got mine booked for 41 weeks exactly but worrying now that’s too late xx

I was so nervous about an induction and had a super positive experience last week (I was induced at 39 weeks due to growth scan measuring over 90th) good luck , it won’t be long now xxxx

I think it's a very personal decision for everyone, everyone has different circumstances and will have different experiences. I was induced with my first and I am opting for no induction this time. It can be a very long process and there is a higher risk of intervention - in my case I had an emergency c section. That being said many people have successful positive inductions. Go with your gut and do what's right for you xx

I’m feeling the same. Found out I’m having a big baby with belly over the 95th percentile. I’m 40+1 and no sign 😩. Cervix was closed at my sweep today too. This lash bit is super hard!!

I feel the same, I’m 41 today with no sign of baby and I don’t fancy induction. I’m more inclined to opt for a c section!

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