Not standing or walking unaided?!

16 month old boy, not standing unaided or walking! he’s happy to cruise furniture all day every day but nothing more we’re always on the floor, plenty of opportunities for pulling up, cruising etc. is there anything I can do?
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Every baby is different and they do things on their time. I was worried when my girl was not independently standing or taking steps when 15 months old, she was cruising from 11 months old. So when I researched I found out sometimes you need to activate planter grasp reflex by gently massaging their toes and feet. I did it and in a week she was standing independently and starts talking steps. I follow this paediatric PT from Instagram, natural born parenting. I hope this is helpful. Xx

As long as he’s making progress (cruising) I wouldn’t worry too much. My HV told me to get in touch at 18 months if my LG wasn’t walking but they tend not to worry until closer to 2. My LG seemed to take ages to walk but suddenly one day she was off! I think when they walk later it happens more suddenly and they nail it faster.

Keep doing what your doing mumma. Baby boy well get there. All kids are different cxc

Honestly girl don’t worry! All babies are different, my little boy is the same, he also won’t sit up unaided either, they will get there 🫶🏼💙

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