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Currently looking at booking a holiday and i was just wondering安hat happens with sleeping arrangements for the baby abroad? Do hotels provide some sort of cot? Ive never noticed people taking travel cots before. Thanks Edit: UK based
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Most hotels have the option, just dicuss with whatever travel agents you used! We have a holiday booked for a october, we originally had a travel cot added but have requested some kind of actual bed as our son has rapidly grown in the last 6 months since booking and he no longer fits in a travel cot 不不不

You can filter hotels that provide cots on all platforms.

Most hotels will have cots for you to use but make sure to check on booking and request it x

Weve always been provided with a travel cot by hotels never any issue at all

Thank you! Ill look into this綽 x

You can always ask.. some hotels have cots/cribs available. I've also seen people bring a Pack n Play. Some people swear by the Lotus Guava travel crib. Some even bring a crib cover like the Slumberpod which covers the pack n play to make sure it's dark (usually when you book only 1 room and need it to be dark for baby to sleep)

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