🤤 Saliva

Anyone elses baby wets their top with so much saliva? Im fed up of changing her every hour & worry shes gonna catch a cold on her chest or something if i dont. Have tried putting on bib. If im carrying her its fine but if shes on the bouncer chair or lying down she covers her whole face with the bib & gasps so i just don’t put it on 🥲
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My little girl does this too! I am constantly wiping her face and changing her 🙈

Put it on when she’s not in her bouncer or laying down? I don’t put one on mine I’ll just change her if she gets too wet it’s coming up to winter so you’ll be able to put a vest underneath so no worry about it getting on her chest

Yep since she was 3 months she now 8 and it's getting no better

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