Nervous 🥹

Induction is this week and im so nervous. Im not nervous of the pain but just hope that everything goes well. Praying for a smooth delivery 🥹🙏
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The only difference between having a natural birth with no induction and being induced …is the contractions are more intense. I’ve had both procedures. 2 of my pregnancies were natural and this last one I had to be induced. Congratulations to you all in advance.

@Sharon thank you for sharing! I’m getting induced tonight and I’m so terrified. I needed to see this ♥️

For everyone that is worried about getting induced, rest assured that everything will be fine. I got induced at 40 weeks, 1 day past my due date. I was nervous with the whole process. I had a natural birth, I did request for an epidural but she came so fast, there was no time for me to get one.

I turn 40 weeks tomorrow. Hopefully getting induced this weekend 🥺 terrified!

@Janessa choosing to! I wasn’t 100% committed but after todays appointment with still being 1 cm dilated for TWO weeks and almost being 41weeks, I just cannot do it anymore. I’m massively huge, I can’t wipe normally anymore because my hand/arm doesn’t reach around my belly, can’t sleep, no clothes fit, and it takes me awhileeeee to actually walk up the small stairs I have.. I’m mentally exhausted and just done…

@Cece I’m getting induced Thursday too! 😭 TERRIFIED!!

@Marina mine is Thursday 🥹 Good luck mama! Hoping that everything goes well 🙏

Getting induced tomorrow night and the anxiety is really getting to me 😩

@Janessa I’ll be getting induce due to having a stillborn so they won’t let me pass 40 weeks

@Cece i feel that! Sending all the good vibes for a healthy baby and safe delivery. I am in Lake Worth we’re close by! We should stay in touch

@Janessa im choosing to 🥹 Ive been 3 cm for 3 weeks and no signs of labor, no cramps, mucus plug, literally nothing. She is comfy in there and I know bc I don’t even feel pressure down there. I know she is head down but thats about it. My baby is already big and im afraid of complications due to a big baby 🥹 my siblings all came with the cord around their necks and thats one of my biggest fear and this is more common when the baby is big.

Are you guys getting induced because it’s medicinally necessary? Or choosing too? I’ve been at 1cm for two weeks having false labor and not progressing. I am tired and uncomfortable. Scheduled mine for next week but still haven’t 100% committed.

I’ll also be getting induce this weekend I’m sooo nervous also even tho it will be my second time😭😭 It’s going to go great!!!🙏🏽💕

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