MIL cold

So we’re meant to be visiting my MIL Thursday but I’ve just been told she’s just getting over a cold… would you skip it just in case?
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Definitely would avoid. My lil one caught covid from my nan and she barely showed any signs of a cold. We had to stay in hospital due to his high temp.. defo not worth It x

I'm sure she'll understand and wouldn't want to risk baby getting sick. The fact she told you she was getting sick is good, do whatever your intuition tells you 🥰

It's RSV season coming. Anyone with so much as a snuffle will be avoided 🤣

He’s 9 weeks on Friday but I’ve already over thought it now and pushed visiting her to next week, tok scary! Thanks guys

How old is your baby? Under 8bweeks is more risky That said colds are more contagious in the early days

Perosnally I'd avoid. Yes they're supposed to get sick to build their immune systems but it's very different knowingly exposing baby to something versus them just accidentally coming in to contact. It really depends how you feel about whether it's beneficial to be exposed to it or not xx

Yes, I personally wouldn’t take any chances while they are this small. I get they are meant to build their immune systems etc so I guess it’s down to how you feel

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