Having a miscarriage at 6 weeks. How soon after your miscarriage did you ovulate? Should you wait a cycle in-between?
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Sorry for your loss. I miscarried just shy of my 6th week. I started testing my LH after I had stopped bleeding and had low levels but no peak (or ovulation). after I got my first period I started testing again and ovulated cycle day 13. You can technically ovulate a few weeks after a miscarriage without getting your period first. It is typically recommended to wait until you’ve had at least one period so that if you do get pregnant again right away, it is easier to date the pregnancy. However there are plenty of people who do get pregnant before their period returns and just need to wait to have a scan to determine how far along they are. My recommendation would be to wait at least 2 weeks from your miscarriage before having sex to avoid the possibility of an infection. In regards to how long you should wait to try again is dependant on how you feel physically and mentally. Hope this helps!

I’m so sorry for your loss 🤍 I ovulated 20 days after I stopped bleeding, which is a bit later than my normal ovulation day. I found my first cycle after longer than normal, so please be easy on yourself if your body takes time to get back to normal ❤️

So sorry for your loss 🤍 I miscarried just prior to 6w and ovulated 17 days after I started bleeding (which is a regular cycle for me). I fell pregnant that month before having my first period and am now 7w pregnant. Like others have said, doctors sometimes suggest waiting but purely so it’s easier for them to date the pregnancy. It’s not a problem if not, I’m off for a dating scan on Friday to confirm. Do whatever you feel ready to do 🤍🤍🤍

@Stacey congratulations! Thanks for giving me a sucess after miscarriage story ❤️

I'm sorry to hear that. I miscarried at 5/6 weeks and then I ovulated a week later than I normally do. It was a very very high peak. Unfortunately we couldn't get pregnant at this time as we are doing iui and couldn't get in at this time as was too last minute. Everything is looking like I'm going to ovulate this weekend and we are all booked in so fingers crossed. I hope all goes well with you on your journey.

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