Trapped wind

My 6 week old gets really bad trapped wind and can take an hour during the night to burp her and even then sometimes she doesn't burp 😫 is there anything anyone recommends doing? Xx
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I would also definitely second the osteopath! We took our little boy who also had a tight diaphragm on one side and we’ve also seen a positive change!

@Jen please do ! Sounds really good x

@Helen my first born was the same however I went to the doctors with her being a first time parent and giving her gaviscon / omezrapole etc… made her so much worse in the end so I did some research this time at more holistic routes second time round. Reflux and colic are easily diagnosed but they are normally a symptom of something else I’ll let you know how we get on with our next sessions x

@Jen that sounds really positive , I might try that for my little boy! Xx

My little boy really struggled like you’ve said so I opted to take him to an osteopath who helped diagnose him with tension in his diaphragm which is making it difficult for him to pass wind. She was able to also see he had a favourable side to look at so sent us with some exercises to strengthen the other side of his neck. His first session was on monday and we’ve already seen a huge improvement and so much less grunting / trapped wind especially in the evening and night. I would definitely recommend going to see one x

Try Infacol to help x

@shannon I put it in the milk, but it says you can't use it until they are a month old :( xxxx

Our LB is nearly 6 weeks and has had horrendous trapped wind since week 2 and we’ve tried all sorts! All I can say is we’ve found gripe water definitely helps, we use the infacol dropper and give 1 before his feed and then one during every break (we’re pace feeding and burping every ounce). We also lay him on his changing mat once he’s had 5 minutes sat up for his milk to go down, then we massage him tummy in a clockwise motion, do bicycle legs and figure of 8s with his pelvis to get the milk moving (recommended by our osteopath). Then when he gets grumpy we pick him up and wind as normal e.g over shoulder. If it doesn’t work then lay him back down and repeat. It is an absolute ball ache though, we can also be there for a good 30-40 minutes. I’ve been told that apparently if they don’t bring up any wind after a few minutes of trying then to try feed again as over winding can cause the bubbles to break up smaller making it harder to get out.

I’m the same, weeks old . Combi feeding but lately breastfeeding mostly what made trapped wind even worse

@Helen how do you use gripe water, my lo gets really bad trapped wind and nothing seems to settle her but she’s only 3 weeks old x

My 1month old little boy has just started struggling with trapped wind, because it started when he was under a month we tried infacol which didn't really help. Facing him forward and holding him with his back to my chest and gently bouncing seemed to shift the wind but he still cried because it obviously was so uncomfortable but it is a good position to get them winded, he's just turned 1 month and we have used gripe water has made a HUGE's been a miracle worker so far!I can highly recommend Xxxx

I sit my little boy upright on one of my knees with my hands underneath his arms and my hands pointed up behind his head and gently yet quickly (if that makes sense) move my leg up and down and that seems to work out his burps x

I do that too put her back in the Moses basket and then she tosses and turns with wind so get her back out again and try to get the wind up sometimes it can take an hour so very tiring during the night 😫 she's sick sometimes not always x

I could of wrote this. I'm finding if my lily doesn't burp after 20 mins. I lie her flat for a few minutes until she gets grumpy and try again. Normally she brings lots of wind up then. No sickness.

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