Root canal

My dentist said that I need a root canal and I am currently 8w2d pregnant! Will this hurt my baby? I am really scared but also in so much pain!
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This happened my first pregnancy.. I waited until delivery for the root canal and stayed on antibiotics to help with tooth pain. I would get the root canal ASAP if it happened to me again tho.

I’d call my OB and get it cleared by them as well.

@Nathalia I guess it could get worse if you wait until after you give birth.

I wouldn do that whilst pregnant

From memory I think I read somewhere on the NHS guidelines to wait till 2nd trimester to do dental work just in case but not sure if that was because of morning sickness and not generally feeling great. Im sure the dentist knows best but might be worth asking your midwife/ another dentist etc.

I’d get a second opinion. I had a tooth infection during pregnancy and nothing happened to my son.

@Rebecca yes! They said it is not a problem. The cons of having an infection are way higher than the root canal. But I can’t help but worry

Have you told them your pregnant? I would think the only potential issue is what they inject in your gums to numb the area. But I think you’d have to ask your doctor about it.

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