NCT / Happy parents happy baby or Bump & Baby classes

Hello - I’m due end of Feb / early March and wondering if people have any experience in Happy Parents, NTC, Happy Baby or Bump & Baby groups? Not sure which one is best or if anyone has experience? Thanks Aoife
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I ended up doing both nct & HPHB (long story) and found them both helpful. Nct I found was more detailed & showed physical examples of things you might come across in labour eg the epidural injection, forceps etc which I found helpful. It also covered more mental health elements of post birth for both mum & dad. Some of it was quite old school & you physically change & bath baby dolls. HPHB is run by midwives & doctors which NCT isn’t. It covers a wider range of useful topics like hypnobirthing (highly recommend!) and baby first aid, neither of which are covered in NCT. The classes were still 50/50 in person /online which is disappointing as makes it harder to make connections with local parents (our nct was 100% in person). Still good level of detail and having online classes offers flexibility on rewatching it later when more convenient. Overall both are good and I don’t think you can go wrong with either but hopefully the above helps you understand some of the differences. Xx

Currently doing HPHB and love it!

We’re currently doing Bump & Baby and think it’s great

I agree with happy parents happy baby, did it back in May (in person) and all the girls meet up and do classes now we have babies.

I've just done August, and it's a mixture of online and in person, which was great!

To add to the above - I think their courses are now going back to all sessions being in person!

We did HPHB and were happy with the experience. It’s nice that they have different specialists for several sessions, I just wish more of them were offline.


Me too

Agreed with the above

Happy parents happy baby at 100℅ because the teachers are midwife and healthcare professionals

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