Solids before bottle?

Should I offer solids before bottle for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?
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I was told bottle is always first, that’s their main source of nutrients until they hit 12 months.

Bottle 30-60 mins before solids

It’s completely up to you. My baby has his morning bottle and then breakfast. Depending on how he feels. He’ll have lunch and then his afternoon bottle. Sometimes it’ll be opposite. And then later on, he’ll have dinner and then bottle.

Every baby is different, my son is 1 and he's still struggling with the textures but my niece is 4 months ahead and was eating solid normally around 1. It takes time, it feels like it takes forever but if you offer food before the bottle, bub should soon start picking up on the solids. Doctors will always say bottle before food as it's their main source if nutrients but it can go either way as long as they're still getting their bottle x

@Danett I want her to eat more solids. But she doesn’t seem to like solids that much. She seems to have a texture thing. I feel like Im behind on her eating solids…

It depends on how much solids you want your baby to eat. For my baby I started off by offering a bottle before solids because she was barely putting any solids in her mouth to begin with but now that I want my baby to eat more solids I offer a bottle afterwards.

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