Almost halfway there, information and tips about swelling.

Hey mamas, so I’m 19 weeks now and have my 20 week anatomy scan next week. I’ve noticed that my feet and ankles and legs are starting to swell. None of my socks fit and I am going to go get resized for shoes that fit wider feet because of the swelling. Does anyone have any tips and encouragement. I do not have compression socks, but I should get some because I work 12 hour shifts in a hospital standing and don’t always get to put my feet up throughout the day as often as I would like.
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@Renae I get it I work two jobs

@Brianna I’m tryin!!!! 😩

Check blood pressure if fine it’s probably the standing you need to elevate them feet girl

Compression socks are a must when you’re on your feet. Have you checked your blood pressure since having the swelling?

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