When do bumps become noticable?

I'm 6 weeks 1 day, and by the time I'm planning on telling my parents I'll be 15 weeks and is the same week I am also seeing my extended family for Thanksgiving and not sure how to announce it to them. I have a cute box with a baby outfit, photo of my pregnancy tests and a card for my parents that ill add an ultrasound to whenever i get one. I'm wondering how I should tell my extended family and what to wear by then if I have a bump. This is my first pregnancy and wondering if I'll have a bump by then so I can plan outfits.
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It really depends on your body ... mine showed pretty noticeably at 14 weeks and by 16 weeks there was no doubt to anyone who knew me. Now 8 weeks into my second pregnancy and my belly (i kept a bit of a mom belly) now bulges more, and people started noticing already

All depends on if this is your first child your body shape etc some ppl don’t show until about 5 months some people don’t show until 7 and some show at 3 my first pregnancy I didn’t show until 7 months my second one I started showing at like 4 months this little nugget I think will pop pout at about 5 mnts

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