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I’m full time sahm and have 2 girls, 6 month old and a 3 yr old. My oldest goes to daycare and has been going for almost a year. She seems to like going but recently some days it’s harder to take her since she says she wants to stay home and play with me and her little sister. We might be moving next March and she’ll be starting JK in sept. I’m not sure if I should find another daycare for her to go to or just not put her in from March until she starts JK? She’s a handful and as much as I’d love for her to stay home, I think daycare would be best option for both of us. But I just have this guilt that I should try to spend more time with her since she’ll be going to kindergarten next year and so that she can also spend more time with her younger sister. Really don’t know what I should do..
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Hi there, similar situation here and we ended up having my daughter stay home. One thing I became much more aware of was that there are many half day programs, part time programs, and little classes to enrol your 3 year old in. So we had a little bit of both- structure from the classes, but still lots of time at home. There is a whole world of mothers who stay home with both kids and if you choose to do that, you will find that community to be supportive and helpful. I used to think staying home meant literally that- both girls had to be with me allllll day. Both that’s not the case! And there’s always Early ON , which has been a life saver for us. Do what works for you! Follow your intuition. Just know there is a supportive community on either side, and silver linings on either side, too.

You do what you feel is best for you. I was in the same boat, but it was too overwhelming for me to do both my toddler and her baby brother. So she was in daycare and we had plenty of time after daycare and weekends to spend time. Also, it really helped in her transition to JK. She started JK this month

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