I'm new here and new mum, was hoping to get some help and advice.

My newborn (4 weeks old) has been fussy every since starting formula. She is always squeezing and screaming in pain (trapped wind & constipation) she also vomits up her milk quiet a lot , milk keeps coming up, shes always coughing and seems like shes chewing something (Basically always in discomfort, pain) the only time she sleeps well is after she vomits The thing is, she is a very hungry baby and when shes screaming a bottle always calms her although i know shes not hungry just yet She has been put on aptamil pepti without being tested, supposedly a milk protein allergy; been using for 2 days and infacol for 2 weeks now The infacol seemed to be helping a bit because she wasnt screaming as much but still in discomfort 2 days on aptamil pepti and my baby wont stop screaming , non stop she cant even sleep for more than 30 mins. Could the pepti be making it worse? Supposed to try for 4 weeks but dont know if i can cope with the screaming she is in clear agony
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@Kellie thank you! My little one has constipation so i think thats why they didnt prescribe it But will defo look into it thanks!

@Ahbeda really 🫣 i thought it was one of the best ones Are u on normal SMA or comfort?

@Elena thanks so much for all the info, so after a few weeks on pepti 1 did you see a difference, were his symptoms better? I'm thinking the same regarding infacol, if defo helps her gas but its causing reflux Will defo look into Carobel thanks I do keep her upright after feeds, whenever i do the bicycle exercises etc they never seem to make her toot not sure why Her trapped wind is really bad she screams so bad when trying to toot Thinking of trying gripe water when shes a little older maybe in a Few weeks, if u try sooner pls let me know how it goes Thanks so much for all the advice xx

Had a similar issue and he was diagnosed with reflux. He was choking on his bottles aswell as spitting up. They prescribed him infant gaviscon sachets. He has one in every second bottles and it’s worked wonders. He doesn’t spit up or choke on the bottles with a sachet inside. We don’t do every bottle though because it can cause constipation. Mention it to your GP but you can buy them over the counters

I had a similar issue when my little one was on aptamil, so I changed her formula completely and she’s perfectly fine now .. recently I found out a lot off babies struggle on aptamil it’s actually strange; maybe try SMA that’s what I’m feeding my daughter and that’s what I had as a baby 🥲

And also try giving smaller amounts more often,as they stomach can be very sensitive until it’s getting used to the formula. My HV advice me that and it actually worked. Baby was always acting hungry and looked like he is never full ,but after feeding he would vomit loads and then he would want more milk ,so back then instead of giving him 90ml every 3 hours I would give 60ml every 2 hour ,and it actually worked xx

We are on aptamil pepti 1 since day 7 and now he is 6 weeks old ,also dealing with CMA and reflux . It takes for the formula between 2-6 weeks to actually work ,and all the discomfort is actually from the reflux,been dealing with the same symptoms. In an out hospital and GP and the paediatrician recommended Carobel fro reflux ,again took 2 weeks to work (symptoms will not disappear completely they just ease and baby won’t be in so much discomfort) . Also after feeding keep baby upright for 20-30min ,and before that bicycle legs and tummy massage clockwise,to get any gas out ,if you have a next to me or a cot put the mattress at 30 degrees angle.Talk to you GP about Carobel as it’s the softest to the stomach,for us it did work,the only side effect is baby can be very gassy sometimes,for us infancol didn’t work as the orange flavour is acidic and was given even more reflux to baby will try some Gripe Water next . Hope it helps ❤️

Maybe it’s making it no better They could’ve recommended a more sensitive formula since they didn’t even test her to see what’s the problem

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