3 days ago

Wine while breastfeeding

My daughter is a week and 2days old. I’ve been wanting a glass of wine but I’m not sure how to go about it while breastfeeding… Do i pump as much as i can then have a glass? And how long do i wait before feeding her again? Help mamas
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2 days ago

I was told with one glass to wait two hours before feeding baby, so if you time it just right your body will have already broken down the alcohol. My baby nurses every 3 hours. So if i nurse her and put her to bed at 8 and then have a glass, I will have plenty of time to drink water and my body to break it down.

3 days ago

I spoke to my lactation specialist about this and she said one glass is fine just might make baby sleepy. She suggested pumping after and storing it for another time.

3 days ago

Have a glass of wine! If you want to pump before go for it. One glass won’t hurt her and very little passes into your milk. If you’re planning to drink the entire bottle that’s a different story. Otherwise enjoy your wine love

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