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So my 22 month old has a friend at daycare, which is so sweet. They absolutely adore each other. The bittersweet thing is she's going to be moving to another location come January, so they won't be around each other anymore, which makes me feel sad. I was thinking closer to the time to see if daycare can ask if I'm able to reach out to the other child's parents or if they can reach out to me, as I don't want the friendship to end and it would be nice for her to have a playbuddy when she's not at daycare. I don't know who the parents are of the other child as when I drop my girl off and pick her up, the other child is already there. So I've never met or seen the parents. How can I approach this?
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Ask them to pass on your details with a note about why? Then the other parents can get in touch independently with you to arrange a play date?

I’m sure your nursery would be happy to help ☺️ Our little one made a friend at nursery, and her parents asked nursery staff if we were happy to exchange phone numbers to organise a play date, when we said yes they gave us each the others number and now we’re in touch

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