What is your lo’s favourite game?! 🧸🛁🪩🙈

Game/Toy/Activity/Interest/Interaction What makes your lo giggle for sure? What’s they’re current favourite thing to be occupied with? Is there anything they used to be into that you miss?! Just to appreciate, reminisce and share more cute moments 💖
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My little boy loves music. I sing to him all the time and with different voices too and that makes him giggle a lot.

My LO loves music - we sing & dance a lot. He’s recently started enjoying nursery rhymes too - loves tickles when we do insey sunset spider and loves his jumperoo!

Yes peekaboo’s a hit here too. I love the randomness of the dog and talking back at the books they all sound adorable and funny. My little boy likes songs with movement to bounced wiggle and especially “drop” (not fully) - he’s guaranteed to giggle even in anticipation before it starts 🤭

My little boy likes hitting his dad with his rattle because it makes it beep 😅🤣. He finds it hilarious. He finds noises funny and peekabo. 😍

My little girl loves books, we had a few that we read on rotation and she loves it, she laughs, she talks back to the book, she wants to flip the pages.. she also loves when I sing to her, I usually make up songs and she laughs for ages. Such precious moments 💖

My little girl loves our dog 😂 he can get up and walk past her and she giggles like he’s the funniest thing she’s ever seen. Too cute 🥰

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