Baby waking as soon as we come up to bed

No matter the time, she’ll sleep soundly until we come up to bed and I lay down, is this a sign she needs to go to her own room? Feel like we’re waking her up even though we try and be really quiet coming up. I’ve been apprehensive about putting her in her room because she still wakes in the night and not having to fully get up is just easier for me
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He still wakes in the night but nowhere near as much. He is a suuuuuuuper light sleeper so he used to wake any time I rolled over or cleared my throat. We started by putting him in a travel cot the other side of the room instead of his next to me crib. When he was in the next to me I think sometimes I intervened too soon because he would stir and I would be half asleep and just instinctively put my hand in or give him his dummy or something. So putting him in the travel cot gave us a bit of space to actually figure out whether he needed us or not, but he would wake to feed a couple of times a night. At the moment he stirs in the night, sometimes wakes and puts himself back to sleep, other times we will give him his dummy and he goes back down. Over the last couple of weeks he hasn't fed in the night. Last night I had to go in at midnight and then again at 6:15am.

@Rachel did you find he was waking during the night when he was in with you and stopped once he was out? Mine wakes through the night but not for any reason so I’m wondering if we’re waking her during the night too or if she just does wake up herself

We put our little boy in his room at 6 months for this reason. We always woke him coming to bed, and then the cat would come in at 4am and wake him too. I fully expected to have him in with us for at least a year but he sleeps so much better in the nursery. Still feel guilty about it though. He comes into our bed for morning cuddles though 💕

@Chloe yes literally, im up getting her back to sleep and he just rolls over straight away when 9/10 he’s the reason she’s awake

I could’ve written this myself!! We get into bed as quietly as possible but we hear her tossing and turning then as soon as we hear a sigh we know she’s awake and I have to pat her down for about 15 mins before I can sleep 🙄 Him on the other hand turns over and falls asleep straight away.

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