Breast fed baby being left

Hello! I’m leaving my 5 week old breast fed baby with my mum tomorrow while I go to work. I’ve not left her at all yet and tomorrow I’ll be gone for about 9 hours. I’ve been expressing all week and freezing to give her a supply but suddenly scared I haven’t got enough. How many oz or ml can I expect her to need in that amount of time?
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If you multiple their weight by 150/200 and divide that between feeds (say 8 feeds in 24hrs) then that's a rough idea of how much per feed they should have. For mine he's now 4.6kg, so 4.6x200/8=115mls per feed xx

At 5 weeks my bf baby would do between 90 and 120mls per feed. But we only did one bottle a day, so hard to judge if that would be the same for every feed. I think if you had 700 - 800ml ready, plus a bit of back up in the freezer you'd be fine. I've got a day at work coming up in November and I'm trying to build up a bit of a freezer stash.

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