I feel so alone

I'm really trying to make friends; I'll go as far as to say I need some mum friends because I feel so alone and isolated. I have nothing for my own. I've lived in Nottingham area for nearly 3 years and I don't feel like I have any close friendships or friends who want to meet up to break up the monotony of the week of parenting and housework. I don't know how to do this cos I don't really want to do all the small talk when I've got so much big stuff going on if that makes sense! I'm trying to find Parent and toddler groups through the week but having a really hard time finding any that are either free or just a couple of £s. Nearly everything costs money that I just don't have. My family are in Cambridge and I have no support from either of my children's dads. My sons dad made the decision to cut contact after meeting a girl and my daughters dad has been court ordered to have no contact with her whatsoever but it just means I never get a break. My partner has 4 kids and when they're all here together I get totally overwhelmed. How do you get better mentally whilst living in chaos!? I just don't know what to do for the best anymore. I'm lost. I'm so sorry for ranting on here but I've come off social media bar tiktok and I just wanted to get it off my chest 😔
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Kim.. im here I love to be your friend if you don't mind a long distance friend

I’m in a similar position to you whereas I moved away from my family and friends and trying to make friends in your 30s is just practically non existent. Everyone already has all their little villages. I wish I were closer to you! If you ever want to chat, message me xx

Look up family hubs in your area. They are free and hopefully have one fairly local to you with activities you can go to and meet other mums

I’m sorry, I’m in the states or I would offer to come hang out with you. 😂 I get isolated too. You can message me though if you want a texting/Snapchat friend! You’ve totally got this! We’ve all been there.

I’m here for you if you wanna talk mother to mother. Join some yoga classes for parents/ mothers groups in the area and not everything has to cost to spend time with friends. Even a walk in the park and so on. Hope you’ll be fine xx

You're doing the right thing in reaching out ❤️ I wish I lived closer, would love to put the world to rights with you over a cuppa! Hope you find some mummys

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