Baby is beating me up 😂

Anyone else’s baby pinch them 😂😂😂 and it’s like he gets the smallest amount of skin and just squeezes 😂😂😂 it HURRRRRTS!!
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My baby straight up bullies me. She yells at me, hits me, rips my hair out and take my glasses off my face just so she can beat me with them. She doesn’t do this with anyone else. It’s infuriating but at the same time she also spends almost all of her time with me and no matter who’s with her I’m always her favorite in the room. It makes no sense at all to me

My baby recently found out that he can pinch my other nipple while he eats 🫠💕

Yuuppp! My baby’s 8mo and pinching is her favorite activity! She even bites really bad even with zero teeth 😂😂😂

Yesss he tries to grab my tattoos on my arms and it hurts 😂

@Alexandra omg my girl does that too.

My girl likes to squeeze my boob while nursing🥴 great way to figure out when she needs a trim

Yep 😭

Pinches are cute, hair pulling is not. Painful

Oh yes my boy loves to pinch, he does it as he's falling asleep and if you try stop him/react in anyway he will scream his head off 😫 he's also recently discovered slapping so he slaps everything, his highchair table, the floor, the sofa, my face 🤣 luckily the slapping doesn't hurt nearly as much as the pinching. He loves grabbing my lips or ear and trying to pull them off as well. Gotta remind myself he has no idea it hurts and he's just exploring a different sensation but it's tough to not react sometimes.

We're trying to teach gentle hands. It's going as well as you expect 🤣

My munchkin pinches me while she’s having milk!!! It hurts insanely 😄😄

She pinches bites and slaps 🤣🤣

Yes! Lol my baby is 8 months and she sure loves to pinch and scratch me too

No but when we doesn’t want to go to sleep he grabs my hair (in just small enough handfuls that it’ll hurt) and rips it out of my head. He also sticks his fingers up my nose or in my mouth or grabs a handful of my face or neck skin and squeezes

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