Going back to work

I’m on maternity leave at the moment and won’t be going back to work until March next year but the thought of not being with my baby all the time makes my heart hurt and I literally want to cry 😭😭😭. My LB will go nursery at least 1 day a week and 1 day probably looked after by my MIL, but it just makes me so sad that I’ll miss things that he’ll do and anything new he learns and does. I honestly don’t know how mums do it, as I always thought I would easily go back to work but it’s all so different once you have your baby. I just wanted to pour out my feelings I guess.
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@Taslima very

@Emma that’s exactly how I used to feel about work! Now I’m the total opposite lol

I’m back to work in January and feel the exact same. So so anxious, it’s literally keeping me awake at night. It’s mad to think I was terrified of stepping away from work and thought I’d hate mat leave 🙈

@L 💜 thank you for sharing your experience. I hope it’s all going okay with you going back to work and managing baby too 🩷

@Brianna it makes me really sad that you only got 6-8 weeks with your baby 😢 that’s absolutely awful 💔

You lucky you got that long 😩 6-8 weeks is not enough time especially not paid

I had my first day back and my Lb is one in two weeks. He was early so I do feel somewhat robbed of those first weeks with him and I used to get panic attacks and major anxiety over him not being with me. However seeing how he’s already come on in the two weeks he’s been there and his happy smiling face when I go pick him up and they always say how happy he is makes me feel like I’m not doing something wrong and I’m doing it for him. Yes I do have a feeling he’ll take his first steps and I’ll miss them but I’ll still see him walk. I missed him so much today and I know I will every day but seeing him come to me and want a cuddle makes my heart hurt with happiness. So I’ll just try cope for now. Your feeling are valid and don’t let anyone tell you your being silly at all.

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