inconsolable crying after jabs

My LO had her 12 week jabs today and woke up screaming in pain 5 hours after. The exact same thing happened after the 8 weeks jabs. She never gets a temperature, only this high pitched inconsolable crying that i assume is from pain at the place of the injections, bless her. :( Last time she went back to sleep and woke up completely normal. She is sleeping now and I hope the same happens. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced something similar with their LOs as I don’t often hear about this type of reaction..
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My LO did the exact same thing today after his injections, he woke up after and it took half an hr to settle him down again 💔

@Trina it’s awful isn’t it, i felt so useless watching her like that and not being able to help, argh

@Marina it is!! I cried with him when he had them done, and knowing he's hurting 💔 I'm so hoping he feels better tomorrow

My lil girl had her 12 weeks yesterday as well and I had given her colpol and helped her calm down for a little while and started straight back up, so heart braking knowing you can't take the pain away

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