Nappy Issues

Does anyone else have trouble with nappies? My baby is 6 months and in size 4. Some days it's fine but others almost every nappy we put on gets leaked through. I've tried sizing up, same issue. 3's won't do up so the 4's aren't too big. We always make sure they're properly fitted round the legs but it leaks out of the back where there's no elastic. The only cause I can think of is that sometimes the volume of one wee is just too much for the nappy to absorb at once. Baby does have a tendency to hold it in (often not going at all overnight!) but I don't know what the answer is if that's the problem.
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@Natalie sainsburys are surprisingly good x

What ones are you using? Would really recommend Sainsbury’s own, they are amazing never ever had a leak x

My lo is 7 months on thursday and in size 4 xx

Yes, i used to use pampers and they where awful! Currently using tesco f&f, aldi and boots and have no issues with them xx

Have you tried other nappies this use to happen to us now we only use pampers active x

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