Does anyone have a list of child vaccines what they do and such? I don’t know how I want to do this and exploring my options… I’m due in 8 weeks… don’t know if I don’t want any vaccines or if I want to pick and choose which what do you guys do? 🥹
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The cdc website can give you a lot of information on which vaccines are due and when. As for information on each vaccine, I’d suggest listening to the Vaccine Conversation. They have episodes on the individual vaccines and go over the ingredients, what they do, and information on the disease itself. I personally opt out of all but you might not come to the same conclusion. However, don’t feel pressured to get any until you are ready.

You can google the vacinations schedule for your country and then see which ones your okay with I know there is one that they have like 4 or 5 different vaccines in it and if you want only certain ones you have to request that some places can't seperate them but I would start researching all the vacinations and work out which ones your okay with from there you can also delay them also look at the ones at birth the hepb and vitamink and work out of you want to do those aswell vitamin k is also a oral form option

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