So my girl has a tooth poking through her gums and she just seems miserable. I have toys for her to chew on, paci’s but is there anything else I can do to help her? 😭
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I know people might be against this but we stick our paci’s in the freezer. We don’t put any water on them. After i clean them i wait till they are fully dried and stick them in the freezer. It has seem to help calm him down

+ 1 on the frozen / cold wash cloths

Thank you all so much 💗

Have you looked into amber necklace if you do just make sure you watch your lo,there's is also teething tablets

My grandmother swore clean frozen or really cold clean cloths for them to chew on Have you tried clove and chamomile teething gel? It’s great for their tummies, helps them relax and my Son never had any issues with it. I will be using it with my second baby!

@Anna Same here!! Our baby girl loves that we even have some teething gum soother gel that we put on our fingers and let her go to town

my girl loves gum massages especially when she’s tired but can’t fall asleep bc she’s tired. I’ll put a clean finger in her mouth and just press around and let her bite my finger

Does she do well with cold? I’ve been using frozen washcloths for my LO to chew on, made breast milk pop cycles, and most recently given him full peeled carrots to gnaw on.

@Kloey I’ve been doing Tylenol but she still seems cranky and miserable. It helps some, but it still seems like it’s bothering her 😭

I don't know how crazy you are about the idea of baby Tylenol but that's what we are currently using for Luna. It's every 4hrs dosage and works immediately. And helps in addition to paci and other teether toys. Usually starts working within like 2 minutes flat. I hope your baby girl feels better soon though teething is so rough.

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