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Has anyone went through the same that I am going through so my daughters 10 days old. Her father and his family has been absent the full time I was pregnant he stays Newcastle I stay Glasgow he phoned social workers when I was 20 weeks pregnant with false allegations it got flung out he’s not been 2 one scan when I was pregnant his words where ‘she’s not my priority my girlfriend is’ he’s only been with her for 6 months anyways his mum and family are putting photos on Facebook of my daughter and him and his girlfriend as if his girlfriends my daughters mum what is so annoying he’s not even meet her yet his mums an alcoholic he works in the army Monday to Friday anyways I got a message from him when she was 2 days old pretty much telling me he’s spoke to a lawyer and he’s going to fight full time for her if I don’t let his girlfriend around my child and if he’s not on the birth certificate his lawyer apartently said if I agree to give him 6 hours every 2 weeks and he keeps that up he can take it to the English courts to get her to move down there is this true am honestly sitting here worrying panicking he’s done nothing for her😩 am phoning lawyers tomorrow but can anyone tell me what my chances are she’s well looked after well loved and got everything she needs am so scared and need advice this is my 1st baby😭😭
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Also consider contacting Women's Aid about his coercive controlling behaviour and threats. They have a lot of support they can provide and put into place.

If you're not married, you DO NOT have to put him on the birth certificate. I would get your baby registered ASAP and then be prepared to consult a solicitor to protect you going forward. Him texting you, unwarranted, about fighting for full custody is considered a threat/harassment, and I would report it as such so it's on the record. It's not normal behaviour to threaten a perfectly fit mother with taking her child away from her. It's emotionally abusive. Keep yourself right, write literally everything down with dates and keep records of everything from the very beginning and from now on.

So sorry your going through that. I am going through scottish family courts have been since Feb 2022 coirt hearing every 8/9 weeks. I don't know much about English courts other than they are very big on 50/50 contact so I have read in the court facebook groups 😌. I can't see your daughter getting moved down to England though, there would have to be very good reasons for that to happen x

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