Stay at home mamas !!!

Hey guys me and my bf decided that I will be staying home until he’s 1 years old. But I want to have my own money does anyone know any remote jobs ???
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@Chasity yes pleaseeee

@Chasity im interested! Pls! Im desperate

@Chasity I’m interested do you have to have any experience?🥺

If you want a job in life insurance I can get you an interview just let me know!

@Hannah thank you

@Amy yea she said that too she said we have to actually go through therapy (which is beneficial at this point of our lives anyway) and the therapist has to sign it like any disability paper your doctor has to sign it and it has to be approved

It’s not that easy to just get disability. You have to actually have this and prove with documents, as well as therapy sessions, doctor visits etc. there’s a lot to qualify. If it were that easy many women would claim it to stay home for a year.

So I work remote and it's not as easy to actually work with your baby than you'd think! I would look for something with flexible hours too :) one suggestion is called User Interviews. I did it all of maternity leave and you just get paid for doing focus groups and stuff

@Daisy I never thought to do that, I have a new job now I should’ve done this after leaving my prev job to have my baby, I was denied unemployment

Girl honestly ivebeen applying to everything remote even things im probably not even qualified for but my boss told me that she applied for disability for claiming ppd with her baby and was able to get a year off..i havent even tried im scared to idk

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