Anyone's baby still not interested in books? Not only not interested, continuously closing the book so I can't even read it...😅 he's 13 months and he's done this since we introduced books to show him at probably 1.5 to 2 months old, I try every day but still insists on closing them 🙈 any tips?
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Thanks ladies, I've got all sorts of books, different textures inside, flappy bits, he does love the ones with music to be fair but again, he would just rather keep them closed. I shall keep trying 🤣

The “That’s not my” books may be useful as they are board books so they can’t tear them and they don’t tend to have flaps just touchy feely. We also have some “Don’t tickle the…” books which are board books without flaps. Again they are touchy feely but they also make a noise when you press them. My son loves those ones. He has Don’t Tickle the T.Rex and Don’t Tickle the Lion. I also read to my son when he is in his cot , sometimes he will settle and let me read the whole thing, other times I will read to pages, settle him again and then continue. Usually it’s because he wants the book. Then if I read during the day he will mostly listen to a few pages and crawl off so then I’ll go “Oh, is this book just for mummy then?” And then I continue to read it aloud to him while I watch him play as I know he can still hear me so it is still beneficial even if I feel like he isn’t interested. Unfortunately, I’m not sure what I can suggest if baby is coming over to you to stop you reading.

I was going to say Press the page sound books? Usborne ones are great, I also bought one off vinted which is an all soft fabric book by little baby bum/little tikes,its nursery rhymes and it's a press the page one because of the tearing issue too-mines ripped the cardboard lift the flap or push, pull, slide ones too, I only bring those ones out when I can read them to her and not leave them. I must note though..reading to her meaning I cant finish a sentence on any page before shes flipping to the next one, shes not fussed but she just likes to point at things in the books and tries to name them.

Or straight in the mouth lol

She likes to open and turn the pages. And tear out the flaps of the interactive books. Or just tear the books in general really. Every book she's had so far she's ripped somehow. Isn't fussed about me reading them.

Have you tried 'interactive' shall we say books? My girl isn't too fussed when trying to read her a plain story book, but she loooves ones like "That's not my..." (duck, fairy, squirrel, fox, hedgehog, puppy, lion, chick, I swear we have about 1000 different ones 😂), or we have a couple that are lift the flap style ones, like Dear Zoo or Peekaboo Puppy/Mermaid etc. She'll turn each page then at the end flip them all back to the start, I end up reading them to her like 10 times over! She basically loves ones where she can touch the different textures or lift a flap to see what's there, rather than sit through a story if that makes sense. Maybe worth a try? Xx

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