Please can someone help a fussy (me) mum out .. I’m trying to do recipes but I’m awful with food and so is dad. I hate onions and cheese so that’s a big problem! Plus I’m not a fan of chicken unless it’s seasoned and not stringy 🤦🏽‍♀️ I only really like mince/beef and sausages.. but I really don’t want to deprive my LO but I’m struggling with dinner times, I do sausage roast, chilli, bolognaise, pasta bake etc. but need more healthyish/balance meal ideas I’m happy to eat chicken if drowned out in sauce ! I also don’t really eat fish unless it’s in bread crumbs 🤣 please help a mumma out as I need to try new things! I will just make without onion ps I do eat any veg more or less it’s the protein side I struggle x
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What about minced turkey or chicken?

What about pork? Homemade fish cakes/fingers?

I’m exactly the same 🤣 I don’t make my LO proper meals as most of its wasted and I’m on a tight budget. I just give her what she likes and once a day we try a new thing that’s different, like today we did sweet potato fries (I don’t like it but I pretended to take bites out of it🤣) but she always tries bits of whatever I’m eating too even tho it’s pretty bland 🤣

I follow some food pages on Instagram which is great for ideas. I then screenshot stuff I want to try with lil man. Eatingwithkids, foodiefunwithus. Xxx

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