C section infection

Did anyone else experience a infection at their c section site? I went in to get checked the other night and they said it was a possibility I may have one or the start of one, they prescribed antibiotics and I started taking them yesterday. I went Sunday night and they gave me a dose at 3am and sent a prescription to the pharmacy and I got the meds yesterday afternoon and started taking them. I also have pain in the side of my right back that is in the shoulder too and they checked my blood levels and pee and everything was normal. They were concerned about a possible uti, kidney infection since my side hurt, uterus infection or incision site infection. I still feel weak, headaches not ad just enough to be annoying, and cold. I’ve spent most the day in bed sleeping, I didn’t take any of my meds this morning, I know it’s bad, but caring for the baby and being tired I decided sleep was better. I hadn’t eaten or drank anything for the same reason, sleep. But now I have a 102.4 temperature but I had a sight elevated one around that before I went to the hospital and they took it and was normal. I just don’t know, I know antibiotics generally take a few days to start to kick in but wondered if anyone else have a experience like this. And if so, how long did it take for you to get better. I’m two weeks post partum and had a lot of stuff go on after delivery, preeclampsia, hemorrhaging after delivery etc. I had to be given 4 units of blood I lost so much. So I know my body is getting built back up form all that going on I just want to start getting better instead of feeling I’m going backwards in recovery.
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Hey, I contracted cellulitis in my scar a week after my c section. Unfortunately it took 5 months for me to get better, I had 7 lots of antibiotics which didn't work and then used a gel on the wound which seemed to help. I also had wound care every 2 days for a month (they would clean the wound, fill the openings with antiseptic gel and then redress) have they confirmed what the infection actually is? Because if not, they could be giving you medication which won't clear it/isn't strong enough. The best thing you can do is take any help you can get, rest as much as possible, keep the incision clean (I used antiseptic wound wipes) it will get better I promise. I'm really sorry you're dealing with this, it totally broke me when I went through it. Message me if you need anything xxxx

@Ellie I’m not sure what it is. They weren’t even sure it was infection there. They said it could be any type of infection but only looked at the incision and felt it which was warm to the touch. We are gonna try the meds and see what they do and if they help and go from there I guess.

@Amber I hate the lack of research with things like this! They just guess what the issue is. Not sure why they don't do proper swabs 🙄 have you got any other symptoms? Any bleeding/oozing/pain?

@Ellie no just sore still but no bleeding or oozing

@Amber that's good then! The antibiotics will probably sort it. Mine escalated too quickly so that's probably why it didn't help. Good luck xxx

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