What’s little ones wearing to bed?

The change in temp is throwing me! What have you all got your bub sleeping in?
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I was just about to ask this!! My baby is in a footless baby grow and 1.5 tog sleeping bag.

My little boys in a sleepsuit and 1 tog sleeping bag tonight

It’s throwing me! I have him in a long sleeved vest and a 1.0 but his cheeks felt a little cold so might change to a 1.5?

Long sleeved vest and 1.5tog x

We had my little girl in a long sleeved vest yesterday eve and 1.5 but felt like her legs were chilly when I fed her early in the morning

Long sleeved vest and 1 tog

Long sleeve vest, short sleeve babygrow and a 2.5 tog sleep bag. My LG likes to be toasty otherwise she wakes every 20mins

Long sleeved vest & 1.5 tog bag x

Long sleeved vest and 2.5 tog. He's not got much chub to keep him warm unlike me and his Dad x

Sleepsuit and 2.5 tog

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