Is owlet sock worth it?

Hey mamas! FTM here is the owlet sock worth it?? Hubby and I debating if we should buy it or not 🤔
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I plan on getting a different kind that doesn't have an app. I have read that when they update the app a lot of the monitors no longer work and you have to buy a new one. Since they are so expensive I figured I didn't want to risk it.

Our baby was in the nicu when born so it was helpful once we got home

I fortunately found one at a free swap this summer. I’m excited to use it glad I didn’t have to purchase it . Seems like it’ll just give me either an extra peace of mind while I work from home.

My husbands first child passed away from SIDS. We were gifted one and would have purchased one if not.

I went back and forth on the owlet for a while but I think for me being an already anxious person I decided it wasn’t for me. Baby will be sleeping in a bassinet right next to me for a while so I feel I can always check on them easily through the night. I know there’s a lot of different opinions out there though!

I looked into it and it had bad reviews on functionality. I did get the Nanit tho which comes with a camera and cloth body wrap that monitors baby’s breathing. The wrap is non battery powered or electric. it’s just cloth but it has a pattern on it that the camera uses to measure breathing patterns it also comes with an app you can watch and monitor from your phone.

I’d love one!! But it’s just not in my budget after being out of work for so long!! 😭 but I realized that I will be fine without out it sometimes they send false alerts

I’ve heard great things about them. I’ve seen some awesome deals on FB marketplace. I think I might go that route

I have one in my registry but I’ve been looking at some cheaper version of the owlet baby sleeping makes me nervous 😂

Honestly, I really considered it with my daughter, but ultimately I read reviews and saw a lot about false alarms. If I had an alarm tell me my baby had low oxygen I'd be in the ER, I wouldn't want to be second guessing myself.

I’m a ftm and I’m not interested in this thing whatsoever. Our parents didn’t have those and we came out fine I’d spend my money on something else!

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