Speed up Hand Foot and mouth

Please someone have a suggestion. My LB has got HFM. Appeared on Friday. He had a terrible weekend but it totally back to his usual wicked self now with no temperature. Problem is he still has the rash and we are meant to be going on holiday Saturday 😩😩😩 I am terrified we won’t be able to go cause the airline won’t let us fly. Any advice on how I can speed his recovery up? This is his current rash on mouth and hands. I’ll try any advice.
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Thank you so much all. Spoke to doctor who have said he should be fine to fly as he has no fever and all blisters but one on sole of his foot have scabbed meaning the risk of him spreading it is extremely small. He is in no pain at all and running around like the mad toddler his is. 2 days and his face is already looking better. By Saturday hoping he will have almost completely cleared up xx

Honestly you will absolutely surprised how quickly it clears up. My daughter had it quite bad and a week later you could barely tell she had, had it. Best of luck x

My daughter has it before doctors recommended CALAMINE CREAM

Just went through this with my LOs unfortunately there is nothing you can do other than wait… we did use Aveeno oat bath packets meant for eczema but it helped soothe the rash I found…. I had it the worst and it lasted 10 days.

Corn starch bath/soak for hands and maybe some sort of cornstarch paste on face. Good luck mama

My daughter had this when she was 2 it was awful I felt so sorry for her, but as for the blisters i would say it would be best for them to heal on there own , any cream you put on them might moisten the scabs and take them longer to heal , maybe a steroid cream might be the one ? But see if you can get to the drs and ask if they will give you a fit to fly letter just as a back up, just explain your worried they might think he is contagious, although you can still attend nursery/school with it providing your child feels well enough, it’s basically just a viral infection so I think you will be fine 😊 enjoy your holiday ! X

Have no advice. My 16 month just got it. Our doctor said they can go back to daycare after 24 hours of no new blisters. Maybe you can bring a doctor’s note just in case someone asks.

@Scarlett good to know! Thanks! Never even heard of it until recently on here, so new to it all. (New mom to be.) :)

@Renee in the uk, the guidelines are that children can still go to nursery/school. There’s no need to quarantine. Of course flying to another country is a little different. Once the blisters have scabbed over it’s no longer contagious

Thank you both. Been treating with sudocream to keep infection away from blisters that have popped. Will keep up with that x

I was told a small amount of Sudocrem can help. Especially when they scab over. It helped a little when my first had it at 9mo. Only a thin layer.

You’re unlikely to get any antibiotics or anything like that but nhs says to avoid anything acidic like fruit juices. It’s one of those ones you do have to wait out, there’s not much for it. It usually lasts 7-10 days so hopefully you’ll be lucky and it should start clearing just before you go on holiday

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