Does anyone’s little one choke on their saliva a lot?? I donno if I should raise it as a concern again as I was told it’s normal by the HV but I’ve had kids prior to her and non of them have ever had this. I understand every baby is different but she’s chocking on her saliva and going bright red.
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Mine does it too ! I get terrified but they insist it’s normal

@Handan honestly it’s the most scariest thing ever and I just don’t get why they can brush it off as normal when it’s clearly got them gasping for air

My little boy does it too!! This scares me so much, but mine is with milk, I have to leave him 30 minutes sitting upright after every feed to help. If I not, he gags with it

@Amanda its really isn’t a nice thing to see our babies go throw that. Have you spoken to a dr about that? Or tried Anti Reflux milk?

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