Twins confirmed

Hey everyone just found out at 6w3d we’re having twins. 🎉 Expected due date is May 10 🤰
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Do you feel your symptoms a lot stronger with twins?

Congratulations!! I have a twin sister. She has two sons who aren’t twins and so everyone thinks I’ll be the one to have them. You never know! How exciting is this 😄😄

Congratulations 🙌❤️

Congrats 🎊🍾

Congrats! That is so exciting!!

@Meghan It's be great if it was a one and done pregnancy! Lol I know I want 2 kids so if we just got it all done in one go that'd be awesome! Thank you! We can't wait to see our baby soon! Best of luck on your pregnancy journey!

Congratulations!!! I am still hoping for twins.

I am in your same boat. Also having twins. At this moment I am due May 11th. I am an identical, my husband has fraternal on his side.

@Trista You may have a chance! I have twins on my moms side and I was supposed to be a twin. So all I needed was a confirmation and we got that today 🥰 good luck at your appointment!!

@Pranovaa I do have twins on my side my bf does not 😅 we are going to tell his family tonight

@Amie she's identical. That's good to know!

@Trista is she a fraternal or identical? Fraternal is a tiny more chance, not identical!

Wow!!! A huge congratulations to you!! My mom is a twin so I'm wondering if the chances of having them is higher! I guess we will find out mid October!

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